10 Amazing Space Images

10 Amazing Space Images

Not mutch to say about these. It’s just 10 Amazing Space Images.

10) The Andromeda Galaxy:

(contains 200 – 400 estimated stars)


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9) Whirlpool Galaxy/ Messier51:

(was the first galaxy to be classified as a spiral galaxy)


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8) NGC 3603:

(A cluster of stars surrounded by a massive cloud of gas and plasma)


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7) Just An Old Classic:

6) Eskimo Nebula:

(A Planetary nebula discovered in 1787)



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5) Sombrero Galaxy:

(28 million light years from earth. 30% the size of the Milky Way)


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4) Butterfly Nebula(NGC 6302):

(Most Complex planetary nebulae ever discovered)

Butterfly nebula.full

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3) Kepler’s Supernova:

(The remains of a supernova that occured in 1604. It was the last supernova visable to the human eye from Earth)

Keplers supernova

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2) Hoag’s Object:

(With it’s unusual structure, everyone loves this ring galaxy)

Hoag's object

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1) Earth: 

(As the only planet known to host life, this is arguable the most interesting thing in all of space. And makes for some amazing space images too!)

picture of earth

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