5 Most Terrifying Bridge Collapses

5 Most terrifying Bridge Collapses: From a bridge were over 120 people, plummeted to their death because of Maoist terrorists, to a double deck bridge collapsing due to a dance party. This is a list of the 5 most terrifying bridge collapses.


5) Rajdhani Express Disaster:

Ulyanovsk Bridge, 1993

A ship in Russia known as the Aleksandr Suvorov crashed into a bridge at Ulynaovsk at maximum speed. Unbelievably a frieght train started to go across the bridge at the very moment, the ship crashed into it. The bridge, frieght train, and cruise ship all went down in the crash. Luckily the ship managed to survive, and was only heavily damaged. Over 177 people died.

Rajdhandi express disaster

Over 120 people were killed in the crash. The crash took place at 10:40PM, when a high speed train derailed over a 300ft bridge. The train had 1,000 passengers on board, when 15 of it’s train cars fell off the tracks. The cause of the crash was sabotage by Maoist terrorists. They removed stuctural plates from the track, meaning the it couldn’t properly carry trains. The amount of injured is unknown, those who fell into the water never came out.

Paranormal silver bridge, 1967

This accident was terrible, but it could have been worse, if people didn’t know the accident was already coming. Many people were avoiding the bridge because an accident was foretold by a paranormal entity, saving many lives. The bridge collapsed because of corrosion in the suspension chain, keeping the bridge up. The creature that predicted the crash was the famous Mothman, who according to legend has predicted many things throughout the ages.

The Hyatt Regency walkway, 1981

This double deck, suspended foot bridge in Kansas city, collapsed because there were too many people on it having a dance contest. The bridge could no longer take the weight, and collapsed causing hundreds of innocent people to fall into the water. There were over 16,000 people on the bridge, 114 died, and 216 people were injured.

Angers bridge, 1850

This suspension bridge over the Maine River in France is the worst bridge collapse in human history, killing over 226 French soldiers. It went down because it couldn’t withstand the soldiers marching over it, causing it to collapse. The strong wind, French marching, and the fact that many other French battalions had already walked past it, and weakened it, all contributed to it’s eventual collapse.

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